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Many companies that have a website developed by a website design agency or a free-lance web designer end up with just a website and nothing more. If you fit in this category then you know you’re missing something which is why you’re on this webpage. At DreamFire we offer search engine marketing reports every single month to our customers to show them how well the website is performing. Not knowing what or where your website traffic is coming from can lead to wasted marketing efforts that can be costly.

Know what SEM Reporting can do for you.

One of our recent clients spent a large amount of money with a well know organization to produce referral traffic to their business website only to find out through our analytic reporting that very little traffic was produced. The client is now repositioning their marketing efforts and budget to more realistic efforts that offer reporting and a return on investment for the dollars spent on the website. This can and may be happening to you. If you have a website for your business then you must get to know how your website preforms.

With our search engine marketing reporting we will show you month over month the performance and growth of your website as well develop an action plan to continue to increase your websites online visibility. We make it easy to understand your websites performance with our SEM reports. We show you month over month comparisons as well as year over year. Knowing where your website is positioned on search engines can drive your marketing efforts in the right direction and allow you to see a higher return on investment for your efforts.

SEM Reporting by Professionals

You can view our search engine marketing report customers by checking out our website portfolio as well as our SEO portfolio. If you have any questions about our SEM reporting please contact us and we will assist you with your needs.

If you would like to view an example of our search engine marketing reporting please feel free to contact us by submitting the form below. We offer professional search engine marketing services and are ready to evaluate your website and assist you with your marketing needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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