DreamDash CMS Features

The DreamDash CMS has multiple features that set our content management system apart from all others. The CMS was designed with you in mind. We made it easy for anyone to use the features of the CMS without needing advanced training and coding know-how. This web page is meant to give you a broad overview of what the features of the CMS offer. Our clients love the CMS because of the ease of use that was placed into each application. You can see some of our current customer sites by visiting our website portfolio page here. You can also take a closer look at the DreamDash CMS features by requesting a live demo of this amazing content management system.

DashBoardContent Management System Dashboard | DreamDash CMS

The CMS DashBoard is the first area you see when you log into the CMS. The DashBoard is where you will find support information as well as tips and helpful information about the content management system. Messaging from DreamFire is also displayed on the DashBoard and in the near future your website analytics information will also be displayed on the CMS DashBoard.


Webpage Editor | Text Editor | Content Management System | CMSMy Website

The My Website area is where all of your web pages are located for editing. You simply click on the page you would like to edit and you are instantly taken there for easy editing of the web page content. Within each web page is the text editor application as well as the default header image application. For web pages that have multiple content areas there would be multiple text editor areas for each column. This depends on the design of your website.

CMS Settings | Content Management System | DreamDashMain Settings

This area of the CMS is where you control some of the main basic settings of your website such as your logo, background color, default header image “for any web pages that do not have an assigned header image”, and the Footer area of your website.


Logo App

Logo Editor | DreamDash CMS | Edit your Logo

Change out your logo if you ever need to. This application in the CMS let’s you change your logo whenever the need is there. Perhaps you want to promote a holiday or event with a custom logo. This CMS application lets you do it with the simple click of a button. Your selected logo is also displayed at the top of the DreamDash CMS when you are logged into your account.

Background Color

Change the background color of your website instantly.

Header Image Application | DreamDash CMSHeader Image App

This area in the content management system lets you assign a default header image to be used for any page on your website that does not have one assigned or a webpage that is not using the header rotator application. This header image can easily be changed by selecting a new image from your Media Folder or an image from your hard drive.

Footer App

CMS Footer Application | DreamDash CMSThe Footer application allows you to control all of the content in the bottom area of your web pages. This CMS application is a rich text editor that allows you to easily manage the information. You can add images such as social media icons, hyperlinks, and html easily with this CMS application.



Content Management System ApplicationsMy Apps

My Apps is one of the most important areas of the content management system. This is where you control and edit your websites featured content and media. Items in this section include the Header Rotator App, the Photo Gallery App, the Special Offers App, the Form Editor App, Video and Audio Apps, and your websites analytics code. This is also the area where any custom CMS applications would be located.


CMS Image Rotator Application | DreamDash CMS ProfessionalHeader Rotator App

The header rotator app lets you manage header images that rotate out on each page of your website. Some pages may not have the app if you do not assign them to. You can control the order in which the images rotate.



Photo Gallery Application | DreamDash CMSPhoto Gallery App

This application lets you add images to your photo gallery and change the order in which they are displayed on the photo gallery page.


Special Offers App

Special Offers CMS Application | DreamDash CMS ProThe Special Offers application in the CMS allows you to control what offers or events you may be offering or that are happening at your business. You can create a title and description for each offer as well as add an image to the offer. The Special Offers App lets you set a start and stop date for offer as well as control the order in which they are displayed on your website.


Form Editor App

Website Forms Application | DreamDash CMS ProfessionalThis application in the content management system allows you to control the forms on your website. You can add or remove form fields change form questions as well as control the order in which they are displayed on the webpage. You can add forms to any page on your website. You can also select what email addresses each form is sent to when submitted by your website visitors. The Form Editor also features CAPTCHA to assist with spam form emails.


Video CMS Application | DreamDash Content Management SystemVideo – Audio App

Add video and audio files to your website easily with these applications in the CMS. These applications will add a media player to any web page of your choosing to display a video or to have music or audio messaging available.



CMS User Accounts | DreamDash CMS ProUsers

Add multiple users to your DreamDash account as well as control what areas of your website each user has privileges to edit. Each user will have a separate username and password to login with.


Media Folder

Media Files CMS Application | DreamDash CMSThe Media Folder is where all of your media assets are stored in the CMS such as images, downloadable files, video, and audio files. The media folder allows you to add and remove files as needed.




CMS Account Information | DreamDash CMSAccount Information

This area will tell you information about your DreamDash CMS account and the services available to you. The account information area will display your DreamFire IMS account representative’s information as well.



Help with the DreamDash Content Management System (CMS)Help

The help area of the CMS is where you will find useful information such as our knowledge base for “how to do things in the CMS” as well as support contact information.



For more information about the DreamDash CMS features please contact us and one of our account specialists will assist you with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.